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Extra Large Cardboard Box on Santa List

  • 03-12-2014 11:12pm
    Registered Users Posts: 198 ✭✭

    Any suggestions please, child is looking for an extra large cardboard box off Santa. He wants to transform it into some sort of den, the emphasis is more on his want to make it himself as opposed to buyi g a kids den. Any ideas where I can get one of these?


  • Registered Users Posts: 6,025 ✭✭✭kitten_k

    Try asking in your local shops. If not I think Argos do moving boxes but not sure how big they are.

  • Moderators, Social & Fun Moderators, Regional East Moderators Posts: 11,408 Mod ✭✭✭✭miamee

    Some moving companies sell 'moving packs', they include various sized boxes, bubble wrap and tape, that might be an option?

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,512 ✭✭✭baby and crumble

    Try power city, they might have big boxes that the appliances come in?

  • Registered Users Posts: 198 ✭✭nirvana78

    These are all great ideas, thank you for all the input. I wonder do removals companies have blank boxes, I think if I got it from somewhere like Powercity there might be some print on the box. Trying to explain that to a ten year old, who already has some suspicions!

  • Registered Users Posts: 11,015 ✭✭✭✭salmocab

    This thread made me smile.

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  • Moderators, Social & Fun Moderators, Regional East Moderators Posts: 11,408 Mod ✭✭✭✭miamee

    These look plain in the photo anyway, might be worth giving them a call :)

  • Registered Users Posts: 198 ✭✭nirvana78

    salmocab wrote: »
    This thread made me smile.

    Last year a friend of ours with a swimming enthusiast had to find a signed autograph from Michael Phelps!!

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,809 ✭✭✭SarahLil

    I know quite abit about the removals business, I don't think they would have something that big for a den, do you have any contacts in freight, transport or warehousing they may be able to provide a bigger box, even if someone you know works near one they could ask at a warehouse? you could also try homebase as the stock furniture they may have some spare boxes from furniture that is on display,

    I got a new side board yesterday unfortunately it didn't come in a complete box otherwise you could have had it, I will keep my eyes peeled

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,512 ✭✭✭baby and crumble

    Op, I mentioned this thread to my gf and she got very excited and told me about a website called which sells packing supplies. They have one that's called a "wardrobe box" so it's pretty big. Maybe have a look on that site. There's another one called They sells multipacks, so you could buy him a few different packs. He can put on extensions and all sorts!

    Another suggestion is to ask at one of the big diy stores, they might have old boxes that held big goods.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,836 ✭✭✭matchthis

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  • Registered Users Posts: 499 ✭✭Aimeee

    Lovely thread. Love the idea of den with an extension. Santa is the biz!

  • Registered Users Posts: 99 ✭✭bulleyes

    I think a pallet box would be the very job. You could try alpack

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,166 ✭✭✭carolinespring

    What a wonderful child. I am thinking of all the hours of fun he is going to have making his den. Happy Christmas

  • Registered Users Posts: 198 ✭✭nirvana78

    Again thank you all, I took a look at the link for Lidl, and I thought that would be lovely we wouldn't hear from him for hours with all that colouring, great idea. The link for Alpack with the pallet box would be perfect, I looked at their website and it's collection only, so now how do I get it the midlands, I'll have to work on that. I make a few enquiries with friends.

    You are all so helpful, thank you

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,629 ✭✭✭Milly33

    Oh that is so cute!! How nice something nice and simple.. Where abouts are you is it Dublin?

    Just regards the delivery places, maybe if you contacted the local Fastway company you could ask them. You could get a plain box, the drivers go all over the country so I am sure they would delivery you one for a token price if they are in the area anyway...

    Argso defo do them got them before but this is cork

  • Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 479 ✭✭In Lonesome Dove

    If they don't have them in lid, I think I saw something similar in the art'n'hobby shop.

    I did a Google and this came up. It's a site from the UK. I don't know how reliable it is. Here's a cardboard castle:

  • Registered Users Posts: 198 ✭✭nirvana78

    Milly33 I'm in the midlands, I'll give Fastway a shout, I have them coming next week with other Santa stuff. Oh how I wish I was a child again.

    In Lonesome Dove, I checked out that link and I thought it would be a great idea, if Santa delivered a cardboard box, to google some templates for him.

    I put out a few calls to a few friends who may be in the know, so far from this thread alone, I have plenty of options. It doesn't seem such a mammoth task after all.

    This may be my last year my son belives in Santa, that will be a relief for me, his requests are a bit off the wall. Christmas 2012 he put on the list "please can I have a brother or sister?" Well nine months later he got his wish, a little brother!

  • Registered Users Posts: 198 ✭✭nirvana78

    The search is over I took the idea of the pallet box, I got someone in the know in a factory, they're organising one for me. It's been a pleasure chatting with you all.

    I bid you all a very merry Christmas and I hope you get what you wish for.

    Thank you

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,722 ✭✭✭ozmo

    For ideas of what to build - check out this cute video of a kid who built a whole shop of cardboard stuff and how the producers help him out

    “Roll it back”

  • Registered Users Posts: 198 ✭✭nirvana78

    Cheers Ozmo, I'll check that out tomorrow, my tinternet is going at a snails pace tonight.

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