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The Indian movies thread

  • 25-11-2014 11:39am
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    Curious if there is any interest in Indian movies in this sub?

    I had a quick scan and there are a few mentions pro and against bollywood movies in general, but considering bollywood is only a subset of Indian movies (Bollywood = typically Hindi language films. There are over a dozen other major languages in India and hundreds of movies produced in each language every year. That's what happens when you have 1 billion plus people I suppose!), and that vast majority here probably haven't even heard of some of the best Indian movies, I thought this might be a good idea?

    I have seen loads of bollywood and other Indian movies, so I can help out with some recommendations, but I am sure there are plenty of really knowledgeable folks here who can chime in too!


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    I wouldn't be a fan of Bollywood films at all but I saw an Indian film called Gangs Of Wasseypur last year which is an astonishing gangster epic obviously inspired by Sergio Leone and The Godfather movies.

    It's quite over the top and stylised and doesn't hold back on the violence. There are a few scenes of singing and dancing which sounds corny in the context of a gangster movie but they actually add to the experience.

    Overall a very impressive film.

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    Gangs Of Wasseypur:

    I think I have it in my collection but I haven't watched it yet. It sounded too violet for my linking, but I will give it a go.

    To step away from super loud violence and cruelty for a while, I would highly recommend this 2009 movie called "3 Idiots". It's an inspirational comedy set around university education and family life, and with some very believable characters, it will give you a glimpse into what I consider as good Indian movies - it's very entertaining as well.

    3 Idiots:

    PS: Just realized the whole movie is on Youtube here. Decent quality and with English subtitles.