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I am so out of the loop, recommend me some decent new music!

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    I was reading a thread somewhere else on boards where the OP mentioned that since he had gotten an iPod, he stopped buying new music and fell behind with the times. It really struck a chord with me and it's something I've noticed myself recently. My iPod is full of the stuff that was popular 10 years ago when I was a teenager- The Killers, Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Damian Rice etc :o The most recent album I have is the Kodaline one, everything else is pre 2010 (most are pretty 2005 haha :D) When I look at the indie charts now I have no idea who most of the artists are :o I don't mind spending the money on some newer music but I have no idea where to begin! Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated :D

    Edit: Ooopsie I just realised there is already a sticky thread for asking for recommendations :o Mods feel free to move my post if needs be :D
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