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  • Not sure if there's a need for a new thread for this..

    Anyway, I did the GAMSAT in 3rd year (out of a 4 year degree), and I got 61, with two weeks preparation.
    Everyone is different, but if you have a comfortable background in all of the Sciences and are able to throw a few coherent sentences together, then yes, you should be well able to do it. And even if you don't get it this time, you can always do it again in September or next March before you finish your degree.

  • Anyone who wants to get into mature med first time? I got the key.

    Bought a select no. of books from amazon to help me write "the" most beautiful personal statement [thats your key to interview-I had a shocking HPAT].

    I am now 1st year RCSI and LOVING it!

    I'm selling these unique artefacts for 100€ only! 5/6 books is a steal-no compromise-cost me way more to buy them and condition is like new. Obviously I am based in Dub-will be home in Cork for the hols. Can also give valuable advise on the interview process. PM if interested!