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Delivery (2013)

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    Also know as Delivery: The Beast Within (2013)

    Delivery (2013) this did sound a lot like devils Due (which I have not seen yet, I don't think movies are like at all, I just going by the devils due trailer)

    This was more Psychological horror then normal average horror movie

    This is kind of slow in some places , we get to know the normal couple and there friends , they are documentary there pregnancy .

    Slowly strange things start to happen in and there, there was one really creepy scene in this.

    (This scene kind of reminded me of scene in Paranormal Activity, Kate was looking at there wedding picture that just cracked she said " I can't feeling breathing on me, we see her hair was moving) , Scene are nothing a like but, there is something breathing, that you can not see!

    Which I found a bit creepy!, that was a really good scene!

    And My god , the ending of this movie, shocked the hell out of me, it not a twist or anything , it just kind really unexpected (Well to me it was

    Really good movie

    7 out of 10


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