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First christmas next year

  • 28-10-2014 2:36pm
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm in third trimester of pregnancy, all going well we'll be a family by the end of January. I'm a little ahead of myself but I'm trying to decide what we do next year. Up until now myself and the OH have alternated Christmases in our parents. We live in Dublin, one set of parents are 50 mins away, the other are three hours away. I want christmas to ourselves, even when the baby is only coming 1 next year but I'm struggling to figure out how to do the parental visits without spending half of christmas touring the country. How do others do it?

    I really want to sort it now, in advance so that there's no debate. I mean his parents are easy, we can be over and back at any stage but mine are a different story entirely and really you'd want to be staying two nights to make the trip (and have the energy for the drive home with kids). Both sets of parents are lovely but realistically are going to want us and the kid/kids in the future for as long as they can have us!! The way we did it when I was a kid is no use as granny lived 2 minutes up the road and the other granny only 45 mins away!


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    This year we will wake up at home with my parents here then drive to Cork after breakfast :) we are in Kildare and tlneither live near us .

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    Could you invite your parents to stay with you for a few days over Christmas next year instead of going to them?

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    Oh sorry I should have specified, can't have parents to stay as there are still children at home and they wouldnt want to move! In another 5-10 years maybe but my mum in particular is a home bird, I imagine we'll end up cycling Christmas Day at home between us when it gets to that point because she still wouldn't want to leave