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Any advice for an aspiring school psyche?

  • 26-10-2014 4:06pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2 tashakappler

    Hiya, I'm a student hoping to eventually become an educational psychologist and move to Ireland. At the moment I'm studying in Germany and I have about 2 years before I can start taking the courses I need to pursue my dream career.

    I was wondering if anyone might be able to give me some useful tips on what it's like to work in Irish schools? And better yet, what's it like to be a school psyche? What skills and job experience are you expected to have? Is mental health considered a top priority in schools over there? Are you able to work with teachers in order to improve the school system?

    I'm really interested to hear about any insight you might be able to share on this topic, especially because over at my international school, we don't have a school psyche and the mental health of students is very rarely discussed, if not at all. Not to mention that we hardly have any teachers from the UK whom I can talk to about this topic. I do have one teacher who is from Northern Ireland and so far the only advice he can give me is to study at QUB (which would be great but I definitely can't afford it) and to brace myself for the teacher training part because it will be a stressful experience. Other than that, all I've been able to do is look up information on the internet, but I'd really appreciate advice from people work within that field, or even just within Irish schools.