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  • 19-10-2014 12:30pm
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    Dia daoibh,

    Im in 4th year right now (skipped ty) and I would like to go to the Gaeltacht this summer. I would like advice on which to go to. I live in Donegal but not in the Gaeltacht so colleges around west donegal are probably most convenient. My love of the language is great but I also want a college with craic agus ceol. My sister went to the infamous Coláiste Bhríde this summer past and apparently it was incredibly oppressive, no leaving your house to meet other people or hang out unless there is a specific activity in the college. Sundays you were effectively locked in the house. Is it like that everywhere? Have insurance companies pushed gaeltachts to that extent or is Reann na feirste just incredibly strict?
    The other college I am considering is Colaiste na Rosann at Anagaire, could anyone tell me anything about it?

    Go raibh míle maith agat,


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    Dia 'is Muire dhuit,

    I don't recognise Coláiste Bhríde by your sister's descriptions but maybe it has got stricter after the swine flu scares etc.
    Coláiste Árainn Mhór is the in-place to go in Donegal this past number of years with plenty of ceol agus craic.

    Bain sult as.