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Problems with Dept

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    Does anyone ever get the impression they are being bullied/targeted/harassed by dept of ag inspectors? Why is there no external complaints department or independent appeals system?

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    Go direct to either your TD or Ag. House. you got to take it to the top.

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    You could contact the Office of the Ombudsman - they are there to deal with complaints against government departments etc. They have been doing some great work on behalf of individuals in the last few years according to an interview that I heard on RTE Drivetime a few months ago.

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    If you feel like you are being bullied, then write them a letter of complaint. In the first line of the letter, write "I wish to have this letter held on record for viewing as part of my complaint to the ombudsman".

    They don't like questions from TD's or solicitors. But if you tell them that you are prepared to go to the ombudsman, they will jump to attention because he is the one person that they have to reveal all information / reasons to.

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    I know men who had inspectors crawl up their ar$e and make life very difficult for no apparent reason (though the inspectors seemed to get enjoyment from tormenting them). The smallest bit of power goes to some people's heads in such a bad way, huh?

    Your weapons here are twofold:
    Have someone with you when an inspector visits (a witness) and keep a record of everything they say, recommend and tell you to do.
    Keeping a little journal may seem like a childish thing to do but it acts as your account of what a civil servant has done while on your property. If they are even impolite to you, you have grounds to complain (here's where the witness is important) and then write letters. Try not take an aggressive tone.

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