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Montessori Teacher

  • 30-09-2014 9:47pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2 elaineel03

    Hello, so I’m interested in becoming a Montessori teacher. I absolutely love working with children however everyone has advised me against it for reasons such as pay. I’m now looking for some advice from Montessori teachers, preschool teachers etc, I want to know from their experiences the highs and lows of the job, their hours, what the wages are like, if there is many jobs available, what the chances of permanent jobs, the number of employed versus self employed., what course is best etc etc. I have read a lot of people saying St Nicolas is the best however how does the other course compare. I would really appreciate any and all the information that I could get. Thanks guys


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    Primary or Pre-school?
    The pay is pretty terrible but the hours are great.
    I would think of initially doing the fetac l5 in early childhood care and education then go on to to the L6 in montessori. I can't find the fetac link but shows the modules.

    Froebel is worth looking at too.

    I think a lot depends on what you specifically want to do..

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    Not sure about pre-courses, but my wife is halfway through a montessori teaching course. She is doing it with Progressive College of Education.

    They run courses all year and my wifes runs 2 nights a week with a few saturdays. She attends her classes as Ashfield College, Templeogue.

    Maybe if you ring them up, they can give you some guidance.

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    It is the same, they are just a fetac centre -