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Length of recruitment process

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    Hi all, just wondering how long on average from the IST is the whole process? (Assuming that each stage passed!! :) )


  • How long is a piece of string. Some people in the first campaign got through everything in about 6-7 months. I just got my medical date yesterday and its been about a year to get this far. So really its hard to put a time line on it

  • Thanks :) I was sort of thinking that! I've just done my ac this week and results in December! Not that I'm over confident that I'm going to get in (not in the slightest actually! Lol ) but have something booked next year and was wondering if it may clash with anything.

  • Lol I agree with the string theory. I sent my vetting off in march, it's only just cleared, my medical was mid May. I now have to wait to repeat my PCA as they only last 6 months before they expire grrrrrr

  • from filling in my initial forms until my start date sunday has been about 14 months at least!!