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Harry Potter love potions and real world aphrodisiacs?

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    Consider the Harry Potter universe and its love potions. They're not allowed in Hogwarts, but overall they are treated with humor. They are widely available, sold in joke shops even, and are often administered surreptitiously into drink or food. Nobody has any ethical qualms about that. Molly Weasley brewed love potions when she was younger, imagine someone causally mentioning scoring roofies to use on future dates or slipping alcohol shots into their dates soft drink.

    In the real world there aren't really any surefire if-you-have-this-you-will-definitely-feel-horny aphrodisiacs, though if there is already mood setting, they can help things along. If you aren't already in the mood, no amount of horking down chocolate or oysters is going to make you jump into bed with someone if you don't already want to.

    If a "real" aphrodisiac becomes available, parallels to a HP love potion can be drawn. I sure hope that people in the real world have better ethics.


  • I'd imagine it was treated with humour because it was innocent in the world in which it happened. I don't recall anything sexual about it either. It was school kids making potions which just brought about a temporary innocent infatuation. Old Mrs Weasly wasn't spiking and raping Hogwarts schoolboys in the chamber of secrets. She made a few potions for a good old fashioned innocent fun.

    There already is such a potion in real life though. Its called an alcoholic drink. Buy enough of those for someone and the chances of them ending up in your bed increase dramatically.