Private Profiles - an update on how they will be changing here
We've partnered up with to offer a space where you can talk directly to Peter from and get an exclusive discount code for a free job listing. If you are recruiting or know anyone else who is please check out the forum here.


  • 02-09-2014 7:00pm
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    The PI/RI forum charter requests that users NOT ask an OP to pm/msn/skype/email them, for the reasons listed in the charter. Recent events have reinforced the importance of this rule. Going forward, any posts requesting/offering a PM will be summarily deleted and action taken against the poster. Repeat offenders will be notified to the Admin team, with a possible siteban as punishment.

    Should you receive a PM requesting or offering more information/services/private help, please report the post (click on the report.gif icon on the top right hand side of the PM).

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