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    The PI/RI forum charter requests that users NOT ask an OP to pm/msn/skype/email them, for the reasons listed in the charter.

    From The Charter:
    It is not the done thing on the PI or RI forums to ask an OP to pm/msn/skype/email you. This is done for two reasons:
    1. To protect those from trolls and other possible unsavory people posting on the internet when they may be in a vulnerable state. Threads on PI/RI are monitored by the mods so that bad and dangerous advice is not permitted and deemed unhelpful.

    2. To protect posters from trolls and unsavory people posting on the internet who pose as a person needing help and advice and so that posters do not end up locked in to a pm exchange with someone they can not help.

    Any posts requesting/offering a PM will be summarily deleted and action taken against the poster. Repeat offenders will be notified to the Admin team, with a possible siteban as punishment.
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  • I am bumping this so that all posters are reminded: If you are contacted by PM off the back of any post in the Personal Issues/Relationship Issues Forum please do not engage, for the reasons outlined above.

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