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School of Block

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    Welcome to all prospective students!

    The School of Block is now accepting applications for September 13th at the Kingfisher Sports Centre for lessons in all things derby! To start us off, the Waterford City Viqueens and Limerick B will be taking a test on track to see who makes the honour roll and who has a bit more study to do. Afterwards, there will be a Co-Ed bout, where boys and girls will be teaching each other lessons in hard knocks and cooties will be the least of anyone's worries! The canteen will be stocked with delicious and (mostly!) nutritious food so you can tell the mammy not to worry about packing your lunch. Once school is out, extra credit may be earned at the after party. After school participation is strongly encouraged ;-)

    Doors open at 12pm
    First Whistle 12.30
    Kids under 12 are free
    Tickets for adults are 10 euro

    Please go to School of Block on Facebook for more information and like the Waterford City Viqueens on Facebook too!