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What programs are needed??

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    Hi all,

    New to LaTeX, never heard of it until lately. Want to use it for a thesis this year. Being told to use Texstudio, and that I might need Miktex??? Someone else told that he only has Texstudio and works fine, with jabref to hold all the references.

    Sorry if they are basic Q's,

    Any input appreciated


  • (La)TeX comes in many different flavours - MikTex is one of them. Probably the most popular. There are step-by-step instructions for installing MikTex here:

    This will leave you with a basic LaTeX setup on your system.

    Now you'll need an editor, which essentially sits on top of and interacts with the LaTex programme, to create files and build them into a document through a graphical user interface - otherwise you'd have to use the command line. TexWorks is one example. MikTex also comes with it's own editor, called TexWorks, but it's not the best. Personally, I use TeXnicCenter

    A more detailed overview of all this is available here: