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Anyone Know Of Any Mineral Ores In South Dublin?

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    I'd like to try my hand at looking for any ores near where I live: iron, copper etc. I know the local bedrock is granite (no shortage of it!). Are there any minerals that are usually found with granite? Thanks


  • There are no copper deposits in south Dublin, or any iron deposits that I'm aware of.
    There was one mine worked for copper in north county Dublin (Loughshinny) in the 18th century but this was largely unsuccessful.
    There were significant lead deposits however, worked in the 19th century at Carrickmines and also a small 18th century mine in Killiney hill.
    Specks of gold are found in the upper river Dodder from time to time.

  • I'm guessing the mention of Carrickmines is actually the old lead works at Ballycorus. There was an open cast lead mine there with 2 adits going underground, once the lead ran out the open cast was filled in with granite blocks. The lead works however continued right up until the 20th century, processing ore from Glendalough and Isle of Man. You can still however find bits and pieces of the lead ore - galena (lead sulphide), sphalerite (zinc sulphide) was also part of deposit but this is harder to find, there were also minor amounts of copper present too. If you potter about in the spoil heaps at the bottom of what remains of the open cast you'll find bits of galena easily enough.

    As for other mines in South Dublin, there were quite a few small trials but nothing substantial. There is indeed the remains of a small mine in Killiney at Whiterock, ore is hard to find here, if you're lucky you have find a pebble containing galena, you need to break them open though.

    Are you looking for minerals deposits or just some samples of what minerals can occur in granite?

  • Attached is a photo of the remains of the open cast at Ballycorus.

  • Step23 wrote: »
    Are you looking for minerals deposits or just some samples of what minerals can occur in granite?

    On the one hand I'm just curious and on the other I had this dream of processing my own small quantity of ore and making something from it. A little crazy I know but it would be very cool

  • Can you call or walk to the Geological Society of Dublin and ask if they have any maps or other resources for sale? They should be the most helpful party and the most knowledgeable. Just in case though I wrote 'should' not 'will be'.

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