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Trouble Finding Winston Red Kings?

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    Registered Users Posts: 1 Vesper_Blade

    Does anyone else here smoke Winston Reds? I thought Tesco stocked them, but after dropping in to buy a pack yesterday I was informed that they didn't have any.

    I ended up getting B&Hs instead, but I'd prefer to have Winston's in future, and was wondering if anyone else buys them regularly, and if I just need to visit a different Tescos. :P


  • They aren't a massively popular brand in our shop anyway, but I do have an Eastern European lad who always wants the superking blue ones.

    If you call into you're local newsagents and ask them to order you a carton in I'm sure they will oblige. They'll appreciate the business and you'll get a better chance of them doing so than the likes of Tesco.

  • I've noticed with some uncommon brands you'll need to practically force them to look before they'll admit they stock them, as the cashier often doesn't know they stock them. Of course this doesn't mean every Tesco is going to stock them, but I'd definitely ask them to check next time if you didn't do that already. I always have to do that whenever I'm in the mood for a pack of Player's Navy Cut.

  • The display ban really is a pain the rear end for this, especially for staff.