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Freshie Helmet Fitting Woes

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    I am having awful problems finding a helmet I consider safe and that fits. The only helmet I have found that fits is the The Heed XXL Triple Eight Brainsaver Rubber Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner ( The product page states that:
    This helmet does not comply with the U.S. CPSC safety standard for bicycle helmets for persons age 5 years and older and therefore cannot be shipped to customers in California.

    While I understand it is derby legal, it says it isn't suitable for bicycle use and doesn't pass the US standards. I am seeking some advice on whether this helmet is truly safe as some people are telling me it is fine and other are telling me "it is okay, but I don't want to take a hit in it."

    I was outright told by a more experienced skater that I shouldn't use this helmet for derby if it doesn't pass an impact test for cycling.

    Neither the S1 XL or XXL fits me as I have a 61cm/24" crown circumference.

    Has anyone any advice on what is a safer helmet that fits?


  • I'm sorry, I have no advice for you, but this facebook group seems to have freshies and experienced skaters from all over the world, and you may get more varied replies there?

    Also, contacting Wreckless or GoSk8 might be an option, as they may be able to order something suitable in for you.

    What about a hockey helmet? I know some derby players use these as they might be considered safer?

  • I would steer clear of the triple eight brain saver as it's just not as safe as other brands. I have fallen on my head several times and can safely say you really need to spend the time and money in getting something a little more secure. I had the opposite problem to you tho and needed to find a helmet that would fit a really small head and in the end I found the X small tsg fit.

    So I agree maybe you should take a look at hockey helmets and see if you can find a better fit in something that is certified

  • Thanks all for the advice. I understand the importance of a safe helmet which is why I am getting all frustrated with trying to find one. I look at a hockey helmet I guess.
    Tails! wrote: »
    spend the time and money

    I've already spent €135 on three different helmets and quite a bit of time researching :(.

  • Definitely stay away from the Sweatsavers!

    Hockey helmets are great safety wise and come in a lot of different sizes - a lot of them are adjustable in size too. I skate with a hockey helmet and the staff in the shop played around with some screws to loosen it to get it to fit me correctly. I don't have a particularly large head, but it fits perfectly, I just look a bit special - but my noggin is safe! (:

  • Is there any place in Ireland that sells Derby legal hockey helmets?

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  • I'm not sure - I got mine in the States. I know there's a few places in the UK that will post one to you - you could send them your head measurements to make sure they send the right size?

  • I was also looking at a Bell Faction helmet:

    Apparently the faction is Derby legal.

  • I second the hockey helmet suggestion. Bauer seem to be the roller derby go to brand. Maybe contact the irish roller hockey Facebook and ask where they get their helmets?

  • Also, GoSk8 posted yesterday evening saying they're now stocking the Rebok hockey helmets and will be at Queen Bee this weekend - you should ask them to bring some so you can try them (: