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How to start new roller derby team??

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    Hey, just looking for some advice on how you guys set up new teams. I nso'd a bit before but I've moved back home to a county that has no roller derby team here. I'd love to set one up if there was any interest. I'm in the kildare/laois area. Any tips on getting started would be great!!


  • hey Binga :)
    I was involved with the early stages of getting a team advice wud be first and foremost gauge interest in your area; stick up a facebook page share it with on any local pages and as soon as you have a few people interested organize a meet up to talk business- chat, delegate jobs etc.

    The thing a lot of teams struggled with firstly was finding a training space- so look into that asap. a lot of places are funny about their floors as soon as they hear skates but i know some leagues venues will provide references to ya so you can dispel any ideas they have that your wheels will wreck their floor etc. you will need public liability insurance as soon as ya get up on skates- which will prob set you back about 400 eur for the year... not 100% sure on that figure- so a fundraiser of some descriptions shud be high on the agenda to meet insurance and other basic set up costs.

    all the other leagues were massively helpful in the early days with us- coming to guest coach, answering mails with any queries and questions... so you will have lots of support if you just ask for it really :)

  • Hi there
    All good advice from Sligo22, there are 2 leagues in Ireland in the process of setting up, West Cork Roller Derby and T&A Roller Derby - Tyrone/Armagh
    You may get some good, useful information if you contact them. Maybe you can share ideas and information?

    The very best of luck with it!


  • You may also find the WFTA guide at of help to you!

    Hope to hear of your very own league springing up soon :3