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what is it like to join the PSNI

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    im 18 and wanting to join up next year but what is the mental side of it like at any time you could be kid napped of duty or the ra kicking the door down some night im not scared of being shot because id say that it would be much the same as joining NYPD OR LAPD its more looking for bombs under the car every day does it get to you or is it just some thing that you get used too id really like to know from serving members .. and what about going back home to the south or after you join ? would that be a no go . and when your on and off duty are you all ways looking over your back ?thanks lads .


  • While im not a serving member, you definitely need to experience life a bit more first.

    I've heard the RA kicks in your door quite often, and it's something you get use to, often you can be on first name terms with each RA man. Sometimes you even know who is coming to visit before seeing them, purely by the way the door is kicked in up the hallway. *

    *This is a joke

  • Would suggest going to the information day and speaking to the serving officers if you're serious about joining

  • I imagine Garnerville is like Police Academy 2. Later on it's like Beverly Hills Cop 1 but with more rain and slightly fewer Ferraris.