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Value of these Vintage Transformers?

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    Registered Users Posts: 1 Maryannb

    I have some vintage transformers that I am trying to find the value of. Can anyone help me? I have picture but I can't upload because I am "new".

    Its Megatron and Optimus Prime. Both in box. Boxes have minor wear and the Prime has two missels. It hink they originally came with 4.



  • Does being a new member here specifically stop stop you from embedding images?

    You could try imageshack, photobucket, tinypic, freeimagehosting, there are probably others.

    Value: Depends on all sorts of things.

    Since you said "four missiles" i'm assuming you mean the original Optimus (and the original Megatron)

    But there's a bunch of variants on the two, and there are considerations like sticker condition, paint, tightness of joints, how the chrome has held up.

    Regular reissues of the first Transformer toys also means that resale value on vintage examples can take a hint too.

    TLDR: Pictures, expanded description, will help a lot :)

  • The best thing to do is go to eBay and search for them until you can identify them correctly.
    Once you know the exact model do a search for it. EBay has a link on the side of the search results that shows the sold auctions. You can see what the most recent auctions ended for and figure out what people are paying.