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5 days in Boston

  • 15-07-2014 9:08pm
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    Hi all,

    Going to Boston for 5 nights from August 30th - just looking for some suggestions/tips!

    One thing we have in mind is to go to an outlet for shopping - what's the best one to go to? Also as we will be there on Labor day I'm wondering if it would be best to go that day for shopping or would the sales be just as good on the Sunday?
    Will there be any events for Labor day.. fireworks on the harbor? Can't find any list of events.

    We were thinking on a day trip to Provincetown on the ferry? Anyone have an experience with this?

    Are there any tourist passes that are beneficial to buy?

    Any other tips/things to do greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance :)


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    There's lots to do in Boston, and most of it you can walk to.

    You probably won't find fireworks for Labor Day - that's more of a 4th of July thing.
    Labor Day events -

    Shopping - check tripadvisor for that too. The Labor Day sales should start on Friday or Saturday for most stores. Keep an eye on for news on best deals, etc. You can narrow it down by category.

    Be careful with outlet shopping. Many of the stores now sell a lower-quality range of goods developed specifically for their outlets, so although you think you're getting a deal, you're not really. Brooks Brothers does this.

    Other stores like Nordstrom Rack, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue do sell the real thing, but watch out for seconds, which can sometimes have issues that might concern you.

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    For shopping there is Newbury street if you don't want to travel outside the city. Its a beautiful street which starts with high end brands like Prada, Armani and as you go further down gets less expensive till you finish with up outside comic books shops. There are two malls the next street over; Copley and Prudential. I'd recommend going shopping there and then having lunch on a patio somewhere, its great for people watching, especially if the weather is good.

    Alternatively, there are outlets just outside the city like Wrentham, Burlington and Natick but to me a mall is a mall anywhere in the world and not a scratch on Newbury street.

    For tourist stuff, the Duck tours are always fun and there is the 5 mile freedom trail. I've been living here 6 years and tbh i haven't done much touristy stuff.

    For labor day weekend, all i know is that the weekend is the weekend of Saint Anthony's Feast. Which is a massive 3 day festival in the North End (Little Italy).

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    Having been there before about 5 years ago what I found great was the Metro/subway "charlie Card". This is a one week pass, think it cost us $20. The transport system is very good there with the metro, you can get the 4 different lines, be it to Salem for a look around, the aquarium etc. Also if you want to cross the Charles River you can walk to MIT / Harvard. around Cambridge is nice and scenic (All of Boston I found to be very clean). If you like you could even go on a day trip to NYC, Its about 4.5 hours away on public transport (Maybe stump up a little more and avoid getting the greyhound). There is shops like H & M, Macys and numerous other department stores. Also there was a thing previously if you were from Europe you might get further discounts. Plenty nice bars that do good pub grub too. Im sure people will be able to add more but thats just a few pointers.

    heres a map of the metro etc.