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Need numbers for 24 hr Milsim game in Bandon, Cork

  • 08-07-2014 8:25pm
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    I guess I should start with saying I am not affiliated with the Rebel airsoft site in Cork, but I do play there a lot as it is a local site for me.

    The guys at Rebel airsoft in Bandon are trying to run a 24 hr game on site. They have a 100 acre woodland area which would be all in play as they are planning to have offsite parking for the event.
    At the moment they do not have enough people registered for attending on facebook, let alone deposits paid. They are trying to downgrade the event to 12 hours because of this. This would be the second time this summer a Milsim event has been changed to be shorter. Long events are becoming a rare occasion in this country which is terrible for the Milsim community within airsoft and is keeping back growth and development of that sector.
    People aren't doing enough to show interest so sites are not holding events or having to compromise and have less ambition. These shorter games risk a story being condensed so it cannot properly be developed through the event or it is cut down for time and has less depth.
    They also rule out night ops which is a totally different experience which your best chance of having now is going to a separate event entirely rather than getting a long 24 hour or more event with it all in it.

    The event is here on facebook

    If you do not like facebook, you can try contacting Rebel airsoft directly to express your interest. Their website is here

    I would ask people interested in going and who can make it, it is on a saturday, to attend and place a deposit. Because at the current rate I will probably have to start planning a trip or two a year for Milsim events abroad and stop planning for ones here as the demand is far too low. In this example, not even 20 people can commit to one event. We are a country of millions and at least hundreds of airsofters. Is there really less than a two digit percentage of us willing to push ourselves for the Milsim experience? Hope to see ye there if you go.


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    CpcRc wrote: »
    People aren't doing enough to show interest so sites are not holding events or having to compromise and have less ambition.

    Hate to sound harsh but maybe this suggests that there isn't interest, you can't force the supply when there's no demand. Personally I can't see room for too many more Milsims in the country, majority of people are starting to treat Rionegro as their big yearly event and for good reason. It's easy to forget that the airsofting demographic is tiny in Ireland and the number of that who attend Milsims even lower. It's tough to get your foot in the door but once you do word of mouth will the majority of the hard graft for you, same goes for any sort of event.

    Personally its the first I've heard of this event but I wish them all the best with it.

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    No worries I can understand how it can sound. I am mainly referencing the people who are maybes and can go but they aren't opting to go for the experience and are letting the opportunity pass them by. These are people who could have a great time at an event but just didn't think it important enough to commit. I understand there are people with other commitments but some people can do things, but they don't.

    Rionegro has spread enough to keep the word of mouth going. It has been running for a few years now and barring anything unexpected it will continue to keep running for years to come and fill out it's attendance cap. I personally won't be going this year, I was there last year and I will leave it at that.

    For other less successful events (in terms of how well they are known in the national community), they are not getting the same word of mouth or numbers as that particular event. For example, Rionegro is the third milsim, that I know of, being held in Bellurgan this year. There was an event earlier in the year in April, it was actually a very good event that I would've loved to attend but I didn't hear about it until weeks afterwards from people who went. People were going and planning for weeks but weren't telling people about it.
    Then there was another 27 hr event planned in June which eventually got cut back to 12 due to people not wanting to do the 27. I got my deposit refunded as I was looking for a 24+ hr experience and I wasn't going to Rionegro this year but would've liked another option in the year to attend an Irish Milsim. I personally spent a few weeks talking to some friends and players at a skirmish event to try and drum up more interest. Most weren't going, but I tried.
    You say that you haven't heard of this event, this is an example of Irish airsofters not passing on events like this by word of mouth. It's possible for more events to get more coverage if players are more active in talking about them.

    A milsim doesn't need to be a once a year experience, diversity is good. In some countries there are teams set up to only attend 2-3 Milsim events a year and they love it. I know we are small, but people are diverse enough that I hold out hope for more Milsim players. More events can mean more different experiences with different events popping up in the year with their own feel and backstory.
    I have been playing for over 4 years and skirmishing is fun but I am starting to get a bit tired of it and personally want to push myself for a Milsim experience. I am a full time student so having to just plan for an event within this country is naturally a much more appealing option than going to the UK or another EU country to get a Milsim in if I don't want to go to Rionegro.

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    i think part of the problem of awareness is that more and more places/ people (not just airsoft) are doing events ect but they are failing to do any proper advertisment. they put up a post on their facebook page and leave it at that, which to be honest is just plain lazy. look at rionegro for example, there are threads up on all the major forums, facebook they have fliers put up in most of the retailers ect. and then when the thread/post is made it is followed up with updates and further information its not just left to float off into obscurity.
    more places need to be more pro-active in how they publicise events, and stop just "phoning it in"......................
    my 2c