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    Welcome to The Bereavement Forum.

    The remit of this forum is to provide a supportive space for those who have suffered a bereavement, to share their experiences and to find helpful links and information.

    The site rules apply as does the general poster code of conduct. For more on this please see the site's FAQ.

    There is zero tolerance for muppetry here, and trolls etc. will not be treated lightly.

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    Below you will find some guidelines for posting in the Bereavement forum.

    You only need to start one thread - starting numerous threads over a short period of time will be considered attention whoring and they will be closed.


    The Bereavement forum is a supportive space for those who have suffered a bereavement. We ask that posters offer advice and support to the OP when posting.

    Reply to threads in a civil and well phrased manner, remember being a Bereavement forum the contents of some threads will be very close to people's hearts.

    Txtspk is not permitted on this forum, posts which are too hard to read will be deleted.

    Think carefully about what you're posting, remember it is the interweb after all and you may not be as anonymous as you think.

    Trolling will not be tolerated.

    Petty differences with other boards members will not be tolerated.

    Do not post links to/embed videos, they are banned in this forum.

    Polls are not allowed as they are useless to a bereavement issue.

    Telling posters to get over it will be considered trolling.

    Do NOT link to / start threads on Bereavement threads on other forums. This may result in a ban from the Bereavement forum.

    Off topic posts and unhelpful posts will not be tolerated.

    Any advice given should be mature, constructive and non-abusive. Opinions are welcome. Ridicule and nastiness are not.

    Dragging up old threads is a no no and we will close them.

    Do not ask for updates/to be kept updated - many of the posters here will be going through one of the most difficult times of their lives, and this prevents threads turning into blogs or soap operas for others amusement and avoids putting pressure on the original poster to return to the thread.

    It is not the done thing on the Bereavement forum to ask an OP to pm/msn/skype/email you. This is done for two reasons:
    1. To protect those from trolls and other possible unsavory people posting on the internet when they may be in a vulnerable state. Threads on bereavement are monitored by the mods so that bad and unsupportive advice is not permitted and deemed unhelpful.

    2. To protect posters from trolls and unsavory people posting on the internet who pose as a person needing help and advice and so that posters do not end up locked in to a pm exchange with someone they can not help.

    Any posts requesting/offering a PM will be summarily deleted and action taken against the poster. Repeat offenders will be notified to the Admin team, with a possible siteban as punishment.

    Should you receive a PM requesting or offering more information/services/private help, please report the post (click on the (!) warning sign icon on the top right hand side of the PM) to bring it to our attention.

    Most of all, if you have nothing relevant to add to the topic, please refrain from posting anything at all.

    Posting Unregistered

    If you would prefer not to post under your usual username, then feel free to use the "Guest" option to post. You can do this by logging out and then posting. Abuse of this will not be tolerated.

    Anyone can post anonymously by logging out (if registered) and posting a reply. If you are not registered you may still post, your nickname would be seen as "Unregistered".

    You change the name of "Unregistered" to something else, please consider doing this for clarity's sake so that your posts can be identified and we do not have several people using the function at the same time all listed as "Unregistered" with in the one thread.

    Also, your name and IP address will not be shown to the general public. However, this cannot be abused, please. The owners/Administrators of do have the powers to view any post's IP address but only as a last resort.

    Anonymity is sacred but trouble making is most definitely not.

    If you are a regular user posting as unregistered you cannot edit your unregistered post. And the Mods on the Bereavement forum cannot guarantee to edit your post the next morning if you have any regrets about what you posted. As we cannot guarantee that you are the original poster.

    Missing posts

    If you log in and see that some posts are missing from a thread and/or edited, this generally means the posts were:
    a) Abusive
    b) Trolling/Flaming
    c) Off-topic

    Trollers will be warned and banned (without warning if necessary). Check the recycle bin for the waffle that we remove.

    The Moderators

    Any problems with the moderators then feel free to PM us. If you are still unhappy then start a thread in Help Desk.

    If you wish to dispute an infraction or ban then please follow the steps outlined in the Dispute Resolution Forum.

    Questioning a mod action in a thread in the Bereavement forum is considered off topic and unhelpful posting and may result in a ban from the forum.

    Help by reporting posts

    Reporting post which break the rules of the forum means that the mods will see them sooner and take action on them. This is very helpful as the forum and be very busy at time.

    So please feel free to use the "Report this post to moderators" option. To do this click on the report post icon in a post this alerts all the mods of the forum.

    If there is a general attitude from someone you've a problem with and it's not just a single post then PM/email a moderator with the details and we'll see what we can do.


    If you have an issues with a post or a thread report it, do not post "I think this is a troll" as it will be considered off topic posting and by now you should all know off topic posting can resulted in infractions and/or a ban from this forum.

    Report the posts let the Mods make a call on it, it could be well that the thread started out as an attempt to troll but there could well be people out there struggling with that issues and the thread maybe helpful to them now or when they search boards.

    Again replying to a thread to state you think it is a troll attempt will be considered off topic posting.

    Trolling: If you don't know what a troll/trolling is, please see Boards FAQ HERE

    Final reminder

    Off topic and unhelpful behaviour will result in a ban and ban lengths are accumulative and posters have been permanently banned from the Bereavement forum.

    Generic sweeping statements are not helpful to an OP and posters will be pulled up on it.

    Not having read the rules of this forum is not an excuse.
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    USEFUL LINKS & SERVICES - Online searchable database of recent death notices.

    Citizens Information - Death & Bereavement - If you have recently lost someone close to you or know someone who has recently been bereaved, this will guide you through the immediate things that you must do following a death in Ireland. Also highlights some of the state and voluntary services here to support you.

    Information for those affected by Bereavement (pdf) - a 2013 publication produced by the Citizens Information Board. It provides information on dealing with the practical and material matters that arise following a death.

    Bereavement Leaflets
    - The Irish Hospice Foundation have provided a series of short, simple information leaflets aimed at the bereaved and those who support them.


    Irish Hospice Foundation - national charity dedicated to all matters relating to dying, death and bereavement in Ireland.

    Address: 4th Floor, Morrison Chambers, 32 Nassau Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.
    Tel: (01) 6793188
    Fax: (01) 6730040
    Email: [email protected]

    Barnardos Bereavement Counselling for Children - service for children and young people who have lost someone close to them.

    Address: Barnardos, Christchurch Square, Dublin 8, Ireland.
    Tel: Helpline (01) 473 2110 (10am-12pm Monday to Thursday)
    Email: [email protected]

    The Bereavement Counselling Service - offers support and counselling to enable people deal with their grief.

    Address: Dublin Centres | National Centres
    Email: [email protected]

    Console - offers support and counselling to those in suicidal crisis and those bereaved by suicide.

    Address: Nationwide Counselling Centres
    Tel: (Freephone Helpline) 1800 247 247
    Email: [email protected]

    National Association of Widows in Ireland

    Coleraine House, Coleraine Street, Dublin 7, Ireland.
    Tel: (01) 8728814 | (01) 8733622
    Email: [email protected]

    National Association of Widowers and Deserted Husbands Association

    54 Foster Terrace, Ballybough, Dublin 3, Ireland.
    Tel: (01) 8552334

    Rainbows Ireland Ltd.
    - free service for children and young people who have been affected by loss because of bereavement, separation or divorce.

    Address: National Office, Loreto Centre, Crumlin Road, Dublin 12, Ireland.
    Tel: (01) 4734175
    Email: [email protected]

    Irish Sudden Infant Death Association

    Address: Carmichael House, 4 North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7, Ireland.
    Tel: (01) 873 2711 | 1850 391 391
    Email: [email protected]

    The Miscarriage Association of Ireland - support organisation for those who have lost a baby through miscarriage, whether recently or some time ago.

    Address: Carmichael Centre, North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7, Ireland.
    Tel: (01) 8735702
    Email: [email protected]

    Anam Cara - for parents coping with the death of a child.

    Address: HCL House, Second Avenue, Cookstown Industrial Estate, Tallaght, Dublin 24, Ireland.
    Tel: (01) 4045 378
    Email: [email protected]

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