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When are the best Pagan festivals?

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    I haven't posted on this site in a long time. I'm planning a trip to Ireland & Scotland next year. I live in Canada. I was thinking about September. Two weeks in Ireland, two weeks in Scotland. Or maybe three weeks Ireland, lol. When is the best time to see some of the big festivals there? Besides the obvious like Samhain. I'd really like to go during the off-season because I'm cheap and the exchange rate is a bit ridiculous. I'm mostly interested in the druid aspect, maybe an OBOD festival or something. Although I would consider other avenues.



  • Well there's Spirit of Folk on around the third weekend of September; cannot personally vouch for it just yet but I'd heard good things of it two years back, and they've druidic/shamanic dealies set up in one of their tents I've read.

  • There's not a lot going on in Ireland, although there might be a few celebrations at the equinox around 20th sept, certainly at Loughcrew there will be. As for Scotland perhaps contact the Scottish Pagan Federation, they'll know of lots going on. Perhaps you'll be there for the independence vote - Up Scotland!

  • Feilie Draiochta takes place in Dublin on Oct 4th.