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Shark !!


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    Am I doing this right?

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    Moved to CVPL

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    It's a fake

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    duffman13 wrote: »
    It's a fake

    I'm wondering the same ... it would be easy enough to fake .. also why the fuq would he keep looking back in the water ..

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    Dunno if fake or not but aren't you supposed to face sharks if they come up to you?

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    Tabnabs wrote: »

    The shark in the first video is a small Great White Shark, possibly juvenile. And - while the video itself is obviously a fake - that shark might actually do some damage it if bit you.

    However, the shark in the video you posted, Tabnabs, is a Basking Shark. You could swim right up to it and shove your arm right down its throat and you would be completely unharmed. If you're gonna post an "Oh-look!-It's-a-scary-shark" post, then at least post one of a shark that's actually scary!