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Is there any chance I'd be accepted into the university if I 'beg' to be let in?

  • 10-06-2014 11:59pm
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    I've accepted Physics and Computer Science in Queens University Belfast as my firm choice on UCAS and the entry requirements are B2 B2 in Maths and Physics and B2 B2 C2 C2 in four other subjects.

    Maths paper 1 went quite well. I think I've gotten a B1 in it. It has the skills that I'd need for my course. But, I feel paper 2 brought me down to an overall B3 or C1 grade. (I hate project maths). Is there any chance of the university letting me in? This is the main reason I've repeated and I feel so bad about myself and that's there's a good chance I won't get in because of it. My physics exam is on the 16th of June and I feel I could get an A..

    I also took up higher level English (only higher level subjects can be counted as part of the entry requirements to Queens) and I think I may have gotten a C3 in it. I've only had a year at the subject instead of two.

    If anyone could give me their opinion or advice on how the university would treat me if I asked to be accepted onto the course would be greatly appreciated!

    Also I don't want to be separated from my girlfriend, who is likely to end up there. It's really upsetting me. :(


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    The simple answer is no.
    They will tell you it would be unfair for someone to receive good results and get in and another 'beg' to get in,However try and explain your issue regarding English and they could(very small chance) let you in.

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    No, "begging" generally won't help; neither will bribes of any kind! :pac:

    But don't dismiss your chances so easily; you said you feel you did well in P1; you may quite easily have done better than you thought in P2, and between the two scraped the grade you need.

    I certainly wouldn't attempt to predict English if I were you; it's one of the most difficult exams to predict how well you did, and people are often pleasantly surprised.

    The important thing right now is to stop worrying about what's past and concentrate on what is still to come.

    In particular, put the effort in for your physics if you feel there's a potential A there.

    While "begging" won't help, being able to point to a good A in Physics **might** just make a difference if you just missed out on the B2 in Maths, given that they are the two subjects specifically listed.

    Please note that I say "might"; I'm quite familiar with the way the CAO works, but not with the way UCAS works, and I have no idea whether there is any flexibility on things like that in the UCAS system; there isn't with the CAO.

    But definitely the most useful thing you can do right now is to put your energy into the exams you have left, and stop obsessing on post-mortems on exams past.

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    If you login to Track you'll find it's in the FAQ:

    Can the university still accept me if I don't meet the conditions?
    Yes they can, but it is up to the university or college to decide if they can still offer you a place. Contact the university to discuss your options.

    CAO and UCAS are very different; UCAS has more flexibility in things like this as the university doesn't base your offer on exam results alone. Your personal statement and reference will have been taken into account too.

    Speaking from experience, I was offered a place at Queen's last summer despite not meeting the entry requirements. (I needed A1s in 2 sciences and only managed A2s.) And this was in Clearing - they obviously hadn't filled the course. Therefore, I would advise contacting Queen's directly after getting results if you haven't met the requirements.

    However, the previous poster is right. Don't worry now about something that (hopefully!) will never happen.

    Hope this helps and best of luck with the rest of the exams.