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Stress at work!

  • 18-05-2014 11:50am
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    Hello Boards, i have been working at my current job for over 9 years, started Feb '05, i work in a warehouse but been having a lot of stress in my job over a number of years, i have dealt with it and put up with it for a long time. my hours are cut a little and we no longer get overtime, (time off instead) even though business is thriving. common in this day and age of recession, i know.
    my problem stems to management of the company and the lack of respect and care for staff. the work load is a lot more. There's no union there. there seems to be one set of rules for one person and another for others. a lot of backstabbing etc goes on in this place by two faced people. i try keep my head down and keep quiet and do my job best i can.

    The place is horrible to work in but I'm thankful to be working in this day and age, I try not to complain. Lately everything has been getting on top of me. I'm also having to deal with my girlfriend being very sick with a condition that cannot be cured. She's in and out of hospital a lot.
    My role in the warehouse has changed a few weeks ago to a new role i did not want or ask for. i wasn't even informed until last with no reason given and snapped at for asking why, Same wages, more responsibilities and more repercussions for any mistakes made. I'm unhappy with this role but trying to get on with it best i can. the problem is I'm under severe stress and have problems concentrating and remembering things, my mind is going 100mph and i can't concentrate. I'm not sleeping well and my appetite has dropped. Iv'e lost interest in everything around me. i feel trapped. i can't go to management as i KNOW how they handle stuff. nothing will be done and i will be in the wrong. the floor manager is a P***K so that's out too.

    Friday i had a bit of a meltdown in work, it all came to a head, i had to go into the toilets and i started crying ended up bawling my eyes out, i had to stay in there until the watery redness was gone from my eyes to go back out and continue. (this has happened a good few times in last few years ).

    i don't know what to do, i don't want to walk out of my job without getting a new job as i have rent to pay, bills to pay. would i be able to get some sort of time off due to stress? if i did look for new job would i be able to get some sort of welfare support or would i have to sign on (if unemployed)


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    That sounds very tough alright - you need to prioritise your health as the stress can take a big toll. I would guess that your GP could give you a cert for stress leave. It would be good even to get a few days away from the place - you really need to get a bit of distance from the situation so that it will be easier to decide what is the best thing to do. It could also be that the stress of dealing your girlfriend's illness is making what might otherwise be manageable work stress unbearable - maybe you could ask your GP about counselling? I do hope things improve for you soon.

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    You could be looking for a new job while you work at the current one. It can take some time before you find one (I'm only 2 months in mine after being unemployed) so I understand your situation. I really don't think that with so much stress going on in your life you should be staying there.

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    Having a job is important OP, but so is knowing your worth. Personally I'm a big believer in voicing my opinion at work, even if it falls on deaf ears - I think that it's important for management to know your dissatisfaction at certain decisions (within reason of course), and it's certainly better than bottling it up and having it "come to a head" as you describe it. Ultimately that's up to you though.

    Either way, if your workplace is expecting you to take on a more responsible role for no additional return for you, then I'd be quietly browsing the job market pages for a similar role that actually rewards you for the extra effort.

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    Everything about the job stress is getting in on you because you are worried and stressed about your girlfriend.

    It is weird, if you were in a good place mentally, all the bitching and backstabbing in work would be water off a duck's back. Because you are already stressed, it is getting in on your head.

    Not sure if time off is the best thing, learning how to let all the work stuff go is the important thing. It is a job, you get wages at the end of the week, for 40 hours. That's it.

    Maybe a counsellor might help - learn some techniques so the work stuff doesn't get in on your head, how to respond to your prick of a manager, and to leave it at the door of the workplace when you leave in the evening. There is a knack to leaving work stuff in work and home stuff at home.

    Maybe a visit to your GP might also be in order. Think about it.