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    Welcome to the Weddings, Marriage & Civil Partnership Forum!

    This forum is support, information, help, and recommendations about all things nuptial.

    This post contains the rules and guidelines for the forum, so please have a read through it before posting.

    First and foremost, there is a minimum post count/membership length that you must satisfy before posting reviews of products/services/suppliers etc. While we realise that most new users posting reviews ARE genuine, unfortunately there are a good few who sign up to either shill their own services or badmouth competitors. While some may find this a bit unfair or inconvenient, it's the best way of ensuring that only genuine reviews get posted.
    If you want to post a recommendation, criticism or review of a wedding related business, you must have either:

    a MINIMUM of 20 posts
    OR be an active member of for OVER 2 months

    These requirements apply to recommendations/criticisms/reviews only. If you have a query about a business, then you can post it here regardless of how many posts you have, or how long you've been a member of

    Read the Guidelines & Terms of Use.
    These are the sitewide rules that apply no matter which forum you are posting in. Each forum will also have its own specific set of rules.

    Not sure how I can make this clear enough, so I'll say it again: NO ADVERTISING!! Advertising will be deleted and the poster will receive a minimum 2 week ban from this forum. They may also be banned from the entire site. There are no exceptions to this. If you are not sure if something you'd like to post constitutes advertising, please send a private message to one of the moderators of the forum (listed at the bottom of this post) and ask before you post. "I didn't read the rules/I'm only a new user." is not an acceptable excuse for advertising.

    Don't contact users about your product/service/etc unless they specifically request it. Unsolicited PMs (private messages) of this nature can - and generally do - result in the sender receiving a sitewide ban. If a user receives an unsolicited PM please report it (more details about reporting PMs below)

    Keep It Civil
    It's nice to be nice, in fact, we insist on it. Getting married and wedding planning can be a very stressful time. Let's keep tempers in check and keep the tone supportive and friendly. Do not Troll, Flame or attack other posters. Same goes for soapboxing. Everyone has differing opinions on what they like and don't like (especially when it comes to gifts) and that's great, but posting in a confrontational, argumentative way is not on, and will earn a warning/infraction, or even a ban.

    Seriously, Keep it Civil
    It's a sad state of affairs that this actually has to be repeated. There have been increasing incidences of some posters being downright abusive towards other posters, vilifying them over their choices/opinions/plans for their wedding day. There are plenty of ways to express your opinion without being a dick about it. Think carefully before you post; if you were on the receiving end of what you had written, how would that make you feel? Usually we only issue cards/bans as a last resort, but going forward there will be zero tolerance for muppetry/general cattiness. Repeat offenders will get a 2 week ban, and risk a permaban if their behaviour continues when they return.

    "Vote For Me!!!!"
    Threads/posts requesting users to vote for people in competitions are not allowed. Thread will be deleted and users who post them will receive a 2 week ban.

    "Is X hotel/shop/service going out of business?"
    Threads like this aren't as common as they were a few years ago, however they do still pop up now and again. Unless you have a credible source (like a news article) that you can quote and link to saying that a business is closing down, please don't post. Rumours and conjecture are just that, and it is unbelievably stressful for a bride or groom to hear rumours about suppliers they are using, and not be able to have them confirmed. In addition to that, it can be damaging to a business if rumours about them closing down are being posted online.

    Reporting a Post
    If you see a post that breaches the rules of the forum, please report it by clicking the Report Post report.gif Button and a Moderator will take a look at it. There is also a 'Report' button for Private Messages. If you report a PM an Admin will take a look at it. Moderators cannot see reported PMs. Admins can only see PMs that are reported, they cannot see any other private messages in your inbox/outbox.

    What happens if I break the rules? What are these "warnings" and "infractions" I keep hearing about?

    If a user breaks the forum/site rules, a Moderator will take one or more of the following actions:

    Issue an on-thread warning to the poster/s involved - this can be used in cases of more minor rule breaches, or else in accompaniment to a warning/infraction/ban.
    Issue a Warning yellowcard.gif - this shows that a user has been formally warned about their behaviour.
    Issue an Infraction redcard.gif - these are issued in the case of more serious rule breaches, or to repeat offenders. They can often accompany a forum ban. Infraction points expire after 10 days. Users who rack up 10 active infractions will receive a 1 week site ban.

    Issue a Forum Ban - for more serious or repeated breaches of the forum/site rules, a Moderator may temporarily ban a user from the forum. The length of the ban is at the Moderator's discretion, and can last from 1 day upwards. Persistent troublemakers will find themselves banned from the forum permanently.

    If you feel you have been unfairly Warned/Infracted and wish to appeal it, please PM the moderator who issued it. Do not drag the thread off topic by arguing with the moderators, not only is it unhelpful to other users, it will probably result in you receiving another Warning/Infraction/Ban.

    If you have not received a reply via PM in a reasonable amount of time (please allow at least a day, the mods are volunteers and aren’t online 24/7) try to PM another moderator of that forum. If there is only one moderator for the forum and they haven't replied, or you wish to escalate the issue, then please follow the procedures outlined in the Dispute Resolution Forum.

    There are several stickies at the top of this forum which contain useful information for brides/grooms about the following topics:

    Buying your Wedding Dress - a great thread for getting advice on where to buy, and what to look out for when buying your dream dress.
    Buying your engagement/wedding ring - some handy info on what to look out for when buying rings.
    Wedding Music (bands, DJ, singers, etc) - a thread where posters can inquire about musicians, and read other posters' reviews.
    Wedding Photographers - a list of user-recommended wedding photographers.
    How much to give as a wedding present - a poll and thread about what people give or received.

    Each of these threads have their own specific guidelines in the first post of the thread - please read it before commenting.

    The Weddings, Marriage & Civil Partnership moderators are Faith and Toots
    If you have any questions, please drop us a PM and we'll do our best to help you. :)

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