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Age of Extinction

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    So, Age of Extinction, another Transformers movie coming out in June. Anyone wanna talk about it?

    Personally, considering how little Bay cares for continuity, I think, despite the fact that we've seen the Transformers' earliest history being no more than a few ten thousand years, that they will have existed millions of years ago, hence Dinobots. Still, it should be a good popcorn movie.


  • Yup, a popcorn movie that ticks the giant fighting robot boxes. Other than that I tend to just suspend any continuity considerations before watching.

  • I don't mind continuity as long as it doesn't totally deviate badly from what was established. The Bay films are just executed enough so that you can piece them all together, and many writers have to form the EU. However, if the Transformers appear on Earth before 65 million B.C., when it is shown that their earliest HISTORY is only around 17,000 B.C., well, then I won't be happy.

    Anyone have any thoughts about the Dinobots? What the plot is gonna be? Oh, who am I kidding, it's a Michael Bay film. The plot is gonna be only one thing. Explosions!

    Though one detail I liked was how the Transformers are in hiding. People hate them, and I can't blame them. They sacrificed thousands, perhaps millions of people in Chicago just to prove that the humans needed them. That **** deserves comeuppance.

  • It would be interesting alright if Optimus Prime etc. were considered war criminals for allowing so many humans to do in order to make a point.

  • Yes, that would show good storytelling, however, I don't think Bay is that deep. I think the reason humans hate the Autobots is for stupid stuff, like how they "brought the Decepticons" to Earth, when they came on their own, or that humans are just becoming racist and fear transforming alien robots.

  • this movie is one of the coolest movie of the year for me

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