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Applying for jobs in Ireland while working abroad

  • 21-04-2014 1:18pm
    Registered Users Posts: 454 ✭✭ aunt aggie

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience applying for teaching jobs in Ireland while working abroad? I am currently working in the UK but I will be returning to Ireland at the end of July. I know that a lot of jobs are advertised much earlier than this. Will principals take my application seriously when it is very unlikely I will be unable to attend a face to face interview?

    I know the jobs market is very competitive and I'm afraid waiting until August to begin job hunting will damage my chances of getting a job for September. But I don't want to waste my time and annoy school management with an application that will just end up in the bin.

    If anyone has been in a similar situation, I'd appreciate your advice. Also if anyone has received applications from teachers outside of Ireland, I'd love to know your opinion.