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Geology/Geography documentary suggestions thread

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    Though it would be a good idea to start a thread to see if anyone had any suggestions on any geology or geography documentaries that have been released recently.

    I'm quite a fan of Iain Stewart and his BBC documentaries.

    Rise of the Continents
    How the Earth Made Us
    How to Grow a Planet name but a few.

    He makes the subject matter so engaging for the audience while still having details in there for the avid watcher or those with a basic knowledge.

    Was recently watching a doc on the River Danube (2 parter) which I also found fascinating
    Here they are on Youtube

    I found this recent gem brilliant too.

    Fossil Wonderlands Natures Hidden Treasures

    Anyone got any other suggestions?
    Wasn't sure of the best place for this thread since it covers a good few topics but thought that this might be the best place for it.