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Best Decade of Horror?

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    Horror has seemed to evolve so much over the last couple of decades. From torture porn to Zombies and the undead curse that is vampires :p

    For me, and I am still learning :p. It has to be mid 70's to mid 80's.
    To name only a few.
    The Exorcist, The Shining, Suspiria, Carrie, Friday the 13th, The Fog, The Changeling, Jaws (not really horror, horror)

    What is yours?


  • Ha, the only contest would be if it's 70s or 80s, so doing mid-70s to mid-80s it's a landslide! Pretty reinforced by the film industry continually remaking/sequelling said films since. If push came to shove I'd say 80s.

    That said I try to think better of modern day so I generally watch films from 2000 onwards for any more recent gems. I assume it's a cost thing but I don't understand why there's been a push towards CGI over practical gore. Most would agree that 70s-80s would be the heyday (unless there's diehard Hammer fans about) and they use practical effects, which are visceral and tangible (John Carpenter's The Thing is my favourite example), as opposed to say, the awful CG Devil in insidious walking along the walls.

  • Grindhouse / Video nasty era of the 70 & 80's for me, anything Italian especially.

  • A way to go about it would be to pick a personal top 5 movies from each decade and see how they compare. Yeah, it's a personal thing but the results should be similar. I'll give some thought to it.

  • From the 60's or older,

    Night of the Living Dead, Spider Baby, Black Sunday, Black Sabbath, Night of the Hunter , Freaks.


    Texas Chain...., Dawn of the Dead, Suspiria, Wicker Man, The Brood


    Maniac, The Beyond, Cannibal Holocaust, Day of the Dead, The Thing

    Too many to choose from really.

  • 80's 100%

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