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**********FORUM CHARTER***********

  • 07-04-2014 10:48am
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    Cloud and Distributed Computing forum

    If you post in this forum it is assumed that you have read and have agreed to abide by the forum charter and the terms of use. In the case of any conflict between the two, the Terms of Use take precedence.

    This forum is intended to provide a platform for the discussion of Cloud technologies and Distributed Computing Platforms. These are two separate technologies but can have a lot of common issues and crossover.

    Cloud is quite a nebulous (sorry, not a pun!) term and incorporates amny aspects of topics found in other forums on (networking, server management / config , OSes , programming etc) so lets try to not step on toes or crosspost. If you have a Cloud specific query feel free to post it here and link to it in another relevant forum (how do I configure my RedHat server in Amazon EC2?) or, post in the other forum and post a link to your discussion here. Don’t have the discussion in two places, you’ll just end up confusing the train of thought and getting conflicting advice as it is given from different perspectives with no reference between the two.

    This is *not* a marketing forum. To advertise a cloud service email and arrange for a banner ad. No excuses, feck off freeloaders. Contribute to the forum and you can have a link in your signature to your business that people will see when you post and if your post is good it will build your reputation in their minds and by proxy the reputation of the organisation you are associated with. That means no post count bumping just to get your signature in. Padding will be deleted and may result in the user being asked not to post anymore.
    This is not a tech support forum: Any advice you receive here is the opinion of the poster. They are not posting in an official technical support capacity for any Cloud or Distributed computing organisation even if they tell you otherwise. You follow any advice at your own risk and I would strongly encourage any user to verify any information before applying it.

    1. Don’t be a dick

    2. If you see someone being a dick, don’t tell them they are a dick, just report the post and let the mods handle it.

    3. No spamming / shilling. You can be a fan of a service without advertising it or talking trash about a service you see as competition.

    4. If you have to criticise a service, do so in a constructive and verifiable manner. “X is ****” is not constructive. “I think X is inferior because….<reasons>” is. Verifiable means that it is something others can check easily or, and this is the important bit, if you are asked to back up a statement, you can. If you cannot, your post may be deleted. Repeat occurrences may result in the poster being asked not to post again.

    5. Did I mention don’t be a dick? Well here’s a reminder in case you forgot.

    6. Questioning mod decisions on-thread: this is considered derailing a thread. If you have a question about a mod decision please PM the mod and you will get an answer in an acceptable timeframe. You may not get an instant response but you will get one when the mod gets a chance. In the meantime, the mod decision stands until it is reviewed.

    7. This forum will have a mix of casual users new to cloud technology and terms and techies quite adept at all the complications and out-to-lunch concepts. Try to tailor your post for the audience you are aiming for. Don’t confuse newcomers with techy talk, don’t dumb-down technical concepts to irrelevant levels when discussing technical issues.

    8. Quoting Information: Do not post entire articles here. If you want to share an article, post a synopsis or the first few lines (or the abstract) and link to the full text at its source. This is not a way to bypass paywalls and steal content.

    9. While we’re on the subject: no blind links! No obfuscated URLs, no links with misleading or no description. If you find a link that you think is wrong or misleading please report it.

    10. This charter will be updated as items need amendment or addition to cover scenarios not already included. Any update will be made to this post and a changelog maintained below.


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    Big Data is coming....

    We are going to give Big Data a home here while it finds its feet. I'll make amendments to the charter when I get a chance and the name should change soon to reflect this addition.

    While Big Data and Cloud are separate topics, there is a lot of crossover between the two with Cloud based clusters being used for mapreduce and amazon offering hadoop services. There are some non-related topics too of course such as software for data-visualisation , how to determine relevant data-sets / apply noise reduction that doesn't skew results too much or risk losing relevant data etc. We'll try to accommodate as much as we can while things find their own rhythm.

    Only two rules for big data for now:

    no advertising.

    don't be a dick.

    (I don't have to include trolling / spamming / nsfw links that aren't clearly labelled / illegal activites in a numbered list do I? they go without saying)

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