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Questions about booking.

  • 01-04-2014 12:28am
    Registered Users Posts: 23 ✭✭✭ BMTHian.

    Hi all!

    Okay, so I've just booked flights yesterday all through American Airlines and in the same booking. Straight after purchasing I received an initial itinerary. I had booked flights leaving Dublin and connecting in Heathrow to Miami with another connection there. However to my surprise, the first flight from Dublin to Heathrow shows up on the itinerary as not operating while all the others are confirmed the flight is at 7.50am and the connection in Heathrow is at 12.15pm.

    My question is, how could I have been allowed to book this flight option if one flight was already deemed as not operating and what can I do about it. Will I have to incur charges to change this? Or will American Airlines sort this out for me, ensuring that I am not placed on a flight which doesn't allow enough time for me to change planes.

    I have not yet received an emailed copy of my itinerary, this info is coming from a confirmation page if that makes any difference.

    Thanks to anyone who can offer any help as I am sure it will put my mind to rest.


  • Registered Users Posts: 380 ✭✭ ScottSF

    Are you sure the word is "not operating" ? In the past I've seen a flight listed as "not confirmed" or something similar. That would mean the airline (American Airlines in this case) has not confirmed that leg just yet.

    Since that leg is presumably on Aer Lingus, it usually takes a bit longer to get their confirmation of your booking. It is still not instantaneous, perhaps because Aer Lingus and AA are partners but not in the same global alliance.

    Check your itinerary again and see if it implies that the Aer Lingus leg is awaiting confirmation. You can also search on Aer Lingus to see if the flight is bookable since that would certainly mean it is "operating". Calling up AA would also give you the answer if you can't wait.

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    Just got the emailed itinerary now and all seems fine with the first flight! There is a problem with my girlfriends name on the ticket as it is a double-barreled surname her first name has came up Sop instead of Sophie. I presume this is of no problem though because while choosing seats her full name was shown.