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Rise of the Dark Spark (video game)

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    So they'r crossing over the War for Cybertron game with the movie universe?
    Controversial decision, but could be fairly cool.
    What should really get old school Transformers fans Sparks pumping is the fact that the game contains not one, not two, but three Optimus Primes! (Optimi?) In addition to the Cybertron and movie incarnations of Optimus Prime, the ‘bot formerly known as Orion Pax; the original Generation One Optimus Prime will feature as well. It is unclear whether G1 Prime will simply be a multiplayer character / unlockable skin (as he was in previous games, allowing players to utter, “Megatron must be stopped, mo matter the cost!“, before mowing down their enemies) or if he (and, indeed, the rest of the Generation One crew) has a part to play in what promises to be the most expansive and epic Transformers story ever told in a video game.