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What would you do?

  • 27-03-2014 7:21pm
    Registered Users Posts: 17 ✭✭✭ pearljamsambo

    Had a job interview last Tuesday for a position with a privately owned company. Was the 2nd of two. 1st of which went well. The 1st was more like an engaging three way conversation. Not to say it was laid back in any way, but both interviewers were sound, very precise and direct in their questioning, and in explaining exactly what they were looking for, also answering any queries I had. Left feeling reasonably confident.

    2nd interview which was with the owner, didn’t go too well, made an absolute balls of it tbh.

    Number times had to stop and say “Excuse me, I don’t mean to waffle” and “Sorry, Im repeating myself here”. I was visibly nervous. It started bad and just got worse, like a bad dose of the sh*ts.

    The questions asked at the start involved me having to nod in the direction of some “personal circumstances”, which for some reason threw me, and from then on it was as painful as watching some muppet getting his arse handed to him at the public accounts committee. (Well, for the level of awkwardness, I’m not a money grabbing, lying geebag). Have to say I’m usually ok at handling myself during interviews.

    At the end they said they’d be in touch in a day or two, they did also say they gave me way more of a grilling than the other candidates, I don’t know why, I think this was a bit of a token.

    They apparently need to fill some positions asap.

    Heard nothing for over week and half now - already sent a follow up email.

    My question is. Do people think this is dead in the water? I understand the practical background work/prep. in the office that may need to be done before offering someone a position, but I think telling someone you’ll be in touch in such a short space of time, and then give zero follow up for a week and a half is a bit of a sh*ty thing to do. Also, I think it might reflect slightly on what they might be like to work for............sorry for the long post lads, would appreciate any opinions on this, Cheers! :)