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Operation Falcon Fury. 27 hour milsim, April 5/6th

  • 12-03-2014 8:42pm
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    Cost: €60
    Sign in: Friday 04th 21.00-23.00
    Saturday 05th 09.00 - 10.45
    Safety brief: 11.00
    Faction brief: 11.15
    Deployment: 11.30
    Game on: 12.00
    Endex: Sunday 06th 15.00
    Debrief: 15.30

    Tickets available from Tuesday 18th March at 19.00. Limited spaces available. A €30 deposit will be required to secure a place.

    All players will be provided with a map, glowstick and event patch. Both factions will have a dedicated private facebook page for planning and preparing for the operation.


    February 2012
    A Coalition special forces operative was captured and tortured by Azmeni forces. A subsequent failed extraction attempt of the operative confirmed the Coalitions presence in Azmenistan to the world.

    March - April 2012
    A Coalition reconnaissance aircraft is shot down over the Arkengol valley in Azmenistan prompting the Coalition to form a task force to enter the region. Task Force Lima is formed with the goal of rescuing the pilots and recovering sensitive flight data.

    Task force Lima succeeded in saving two of the pilots and recovering the flight data but ‘stirred up a hornets nest’ in the process. Azmeni forces see a rise in popularity and recruitment after the raid.

    April 2013
    In light of sensitive intel captured during Operation Rescue Falcon, Coalition Generals green light another overt combat mission to secure a quick and decisive victory against Azmeni troops. On this operation the Coalition faced a tough and determined enemy that had increased its ranks and honed its training since previous contacts.

    Despite the resistance and heavy fighting, Coalition forces managed to capture an Azmeni stronghold and set up an outpost in the Arkengol valley. This outpost has been dubbed ‘Firebase Fury’.

    February 2014
    Two years after the initial incident the situation has escalated into a full scale conflict. Many local tribes have joined the ranks of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Azmenistan (RAFA) who now seek to expel western influence and combatants from their homeland once and for all. Firebase Fury in the heart of the the Arkengol valley has been quiet for the winter months. Coalition forces expect something nasty is coming their way and are preparing to cut the head off the beast before he bites…

    Further info:


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    Booking now live via our website -

    Some info. Main, 'in game' campsites will be off limits to attackers from 02.00 Sunday - 07.00 Sunday. During this period other objectives will be in play elsewhere throughout the site.

    We will be using an android based tracking system for this event. The system will run off any android device with GPS and online capabilities. We have tested the reception on site and it works with no issues so far. This tool will enable units to see friendly units on a map in real time as well as current objectives and has loads of other excellent, practical features. Particularly useful for some reconnaissance objectives planned. Link -

    We will be taking applications for faction commander roles after the ticket release.

    We will be introducing new in game marshals.

    Dedicated vehicles and drivers for each side.

    Full site of 390 acres in play except for one or two crop fields.


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    This is going to be unreal, cannot wait for it.

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    We have some great things planned for it Damo ;)

    Game patch preview - 1800231_638697709535282_2080191022_n.jpg