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Gear Photos/Reviews (NO DISCUSSION)


  • I class this more of an Emergency tin than a Survival tin. The contents are

    Flat Hexi stove
    2 Hexi blocks
    5 meters of Duct tape on a card
    Magnifying lens
    Matches Storm and Strike anywhere
    Mini Lighter
    Super Glue
    2 Tablet towels
    2 mini glow sticks
    Mini Light
    4 ear plugs
    Mini razor blade and saw
    Dog tag signal mirror
    K-Bar neck knife
    10 Water purification tablets
    1 lt Water bag




  • I purchased a Tesco value RAD-306 wind up radio 6 years ago for the princely sum of €5.00. :)
    It's still going strong, worth every cent.
    2 minutes of winding gives 30 minutes of radio or 15 minutes of light.
    It has a built in torch, you can have the radio on or the torch on but not both at the same time.
    Built in headphone jack.
    FM/AM tuner.
    Takes 2 AA batteries if you don't feel like winding her.
    Green high power & red low power lights.
    Dimensions (mm) 70x100x35

    It is silver in colour with a black wind-up handle and carry loop.

    They can still be got on ebay for under €10 shipped. :)

  • A Victorinox Tinker Small:

    This is my everyday knife. I've had it for 5 years with no issues whatsoever.
    I've used in for opening boxes, sharpening pencils, opening beer bottles, small DIY jobs around the house & garden.
    I've gotten so use to the tin opener that I use the one on the knife over a traditional butterfly type.
    It's small, lightweight, durable & didn't cost a lot @ €20. :)
    Item code 0.4603
    Length 84 mm
    Width 25 mm
    Height 14 mm

    Equipped with:
    large blade
    small blade
    can opener with
    -small screwdriver
    reamer, punch
    Phillips screwdriver
    key ring
    bottle opener with
    -wire stripper


  • Keeping with Victorinox My main EDC one is the Climber mainly because of the scissors and the small blade it comes with corkscrew, scissors, can opener with screwdriver, large blade, small blade, cap lifter with scewdriver, wire stripper, reamer, punch, key ring, tweezers, toothpick, multi-purpose hook


    But I do have others that I carry from time to time :p


  • The Leatherman micra has scissors small and medium flat head screw driver Phillips head nail file and cleaner tweezers small knife and bottle opener

    The new Leatherman style cs has scissors small knife nail file and a SAK style tweezers and bottle opener


    Ive had the Micra for about 20 years and its a great little key chain tool. The Style cs I got about a year ago and even do it has less tools on it it sits that little better in the hand due to the bet clip/bottle opener also because of the belt clip/bottle opener its quicker to detach from your keys

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  • Brilliant little torch I use and lasts for ages...

    O Light Warrior.

  • Reusable match Ive forgotten how many of these that are in bags/pouches around the place They are great and very cheap (less than 80 cents each) ideal for on your keys or in the glove box or even in your pocket Can also be used as a flint and steel in a pinch

    Reusable match 1.JPG

    Reusable match 2.JPG

  • I wanted to lighten the load I carry in my pockets so I picked up a Nite Ize Microlight STS
    Features dual electrode capacitive sensing technology, which we call "Swipe-To-Shine"
    Four Functions - High Power, Variable Dim, Low Power, and Strobe
    LED Color: White
    Lumens: High - 16 | Low - 2
    Run Time: High 9 hours | Low 64 hours
    Battery Type: 2-2032 Lithium batteries included

    Inova STS.JPG

  • Keeping with the lightened load out I picked up a Victorinox mini champ in Alox (I know Ive a problem when it come to Victorinox) It comes with cap lifter with scewdriver, cuticle pusher, key ring, nail cleaner, nailfile, orange peeler with scraper, scissors, small blade

    Mini Champ.jpg

  • This Victorinox comes under a few names Ive seen it as the pocket pal or the secretary or the excelsior. Its 2 blades large and a small its 84mm in length (3.25") super slim about as thick as 2 credit cards I used to carry it as my suit knife as it couldnt be seen and didnt weigh you down Lately Ive been carrying it in my Maxpedition Micro wallet and you dont know its there it fits in a credit card pocket and makes an ideal backup for the mini champ


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  • The Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon 2 has to be the best EDC bag Ive owned to date I have it just over 5 years and it still looks like new multi pocket for organizing your kit and bullet proof construction extra pals webbing to add pouches to on the front and sides. The only thing I dont like about it is the main compartment opens cam shell so if you have loose small items they could fall out I just use organizers now to prevent this from happening. Definitely worth the high price tag

  • Led lenser P2 is a great pocket flashlight 11 Lumens 7 Hours Range is 98 Feet Weight is 38gms runs on 1 AAA battery size is 96mm x 14mm over all a fantastic flashlight

    Led Lenser P3 is also a great pocket flashlight 16 Lumens 7 Hours Range is 31 Meters one hand focus runs on 1 AAA battery size is 96mm x 20mm

    Led Lenser P7 is a great all rounder flashlight 200 Lumens 130 Hours on low 40 Hours on high One hand focus Weight is 196gms runs on 4 AAA batteries Size is 135mm x 37mm

    Ive been using these flashlights for years and never been let down highly recommend them




  • The Pelican VB3 is a fantastic light weight multi use flashlight 34 hours battery burn time Universal spring clip Weighs just 30g 180 degree swivel head uses 2 CR2032 batteries 9 Lumens can be clipped onto your jacket, pack, cap or even worn around your neck on some cord


  • Ive upgraded my maglites to the TTS Maglite Cree led which gives it 220 Lumens 20 hours run time. Ive also started using AA to C or D battery converters to lighten the weight with the flashlight and carrying spare batteries



  • I needed a reasonably priced small torch for a new project and picked up a Lighthouse elite CREE LED Focus Torch 3 AAA for a tenner in a local hardware.
    For the money I'd recommend it. I won't repeat all the specs as you can look them up if you are interested only down side is that its a bit too heavy for its small size and why do so many torches take 3 batteries when the packs of batteries come in 4's and 8's :rolleyes:

    Edit> So was out with this tonight for nearly and hour and its a powerful little torch. I also took along a lenser L7 (one of their cheaper range of 3 cell AAA torches) and a 2 AA celled LED maglite both these are twice the price of the Lighthouse torch and neither were as powerful or focusable, not that power was what I was looking for. How the Lighthouse one will fair in the long run I don't know, the cheap bit of it seems to be the lens which is pollycarbonate not glass and I don't know if that will degrade or get be easily scratched.

  • Picked up a butane refill thats pocket sized its the same height as a 2oz tin and about double the thickness of a disposable lighter after using it twice im guessing it will refill a standard lighter 8 to 10 times ideal for camping /hiking EDC and bug out bags. Can also be got in bulk of 5 if needed

  • I like to have a designated kitchen knife when im out and about camping/hiking it used to be a mora knife until i found these
    Folding Ceramic Knife Fruit knife I got my first one about 2 months ago and ive peeled a lot of fruit and veg with it chopped onions and got some very fine cut of meat with it and still havent sharpened it at all Ive bought around 10 of them so far and put them into kits and the kitchen drawer

  • Picked up one of these flashlights and have to say for the price and size it is assume. With a standard AA its brighter than my led lenser P7 with a rechargable 14500 battery it turns night into day :eek: