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Meteor shocking customer service.

  • 04-03-2014 9:38am
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    I was promised when i got a text if i topped up in next 7days would get 20% extra free. never happened and several calls to the call centre and not sorted. went on chat to try get it sorted, it was like talking to a wall. I give up :mad:

    Welcome to our live chat service. A Meteor agent will help you shortly.
    You are now connected with Laurence
    Laurence: Hello, you are chatting with Laurence your meteor-service chat advisor, how can I help you today?
    xxxxxxx: Hi Laurence, I am very annoyed
    xxxxxxx: I was offered the other day via text
    xxxxxxx: 20% extra when i top up.
    xxxxxxx: \got message saing this had been applie even though it hadnt
    xxxxxxx: I rang yesterday and a chap said I will have call back in 3 hours
    xxxxxxx: and when i did the girl hadnt a clue what i was on about
    Laurence: Please call in store with this text , show them this please because I can not verify we sent you this text from here sorry Elaine
    xxxxxxx: after a long explanation she assured me it was sorted and verified aout the text message
    Laurence: One moment please, I'll check that for you...
    Laurence: 085XXXXXXXX No Account found using this number
    xxxxxxx: and only applied half the discount. Now if u think im calling in store
    xxxxxxx: sorry 085XXXXXXXX
    Laurence: Sorry you are saying you have a credit ?
    xxxxxxx: i am saying that i call about five times to get my 20% free credit and wasnt applied. now i am very annoyed
    Laurence: Exxxxx bear with me please
    xxxxxxx: as wasnt applied. now i would like it sorted or will take it to boards. i have spents hours trying get it sorted. I also want a gesture of goodwill for this joke
    Laurence: I see you have the credit it was applied €20 topped up €4 applied as a credit
    Laurence: Plus €2 Good will
    Laurence: One moment please, I'll check that for you...
    Laurence: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    xxxxxxx: are u joking mate
    xxxxxxx: screen shot me the 4 euro applied
    xxxxxxx: i am copying this joke of a chat
    Laurence: Sorry Exxxxx you are asking for a credit that was applied you then have €2 Extra and you are asking me today about the text you received , if there is anything else I can help you with today Exxxxx?
    xxxxxxx: omg are u serious
    xxxxxxx: there was no 4 euro applied
    xxxxxxx: if u looked into it u would see that
    xxxxxxx: what a joke of a service
    Laurence: 02/03/2014 10:21:00 €4 applied
    xxxxxxx: check my balance i wasnt credited it
    Laurence: You are not accepting that you already have the credit already Elaine as I have explained but yet you are expressing your opinion €12.66 is your balance you have the discount you are asking about today
    xxxxxxx: like i said this does not reflect in my balance- do the maths
    xxxxxxx: i topped up with 20 and had like a euro before that so then i had 21
    xxxxxxx: I then got add on of 9.99 for date
    xxxxxxx: then was left with just over eleven
    Laurence: 02/03/2014 09:58:44 €9.99 removed for a Add on and you have
    xxxxxxx: then they applied a two euro creidt yesterday
    xxxxxxx: so how have i been applied 4 euro , check my balance and what I have spent
    Laurence: Out of the €10 ?
    xxxxxxx: right this conversation is going nowhere fast,
    xxxxxxx: I am going stick this up on boards and show what sort service this is
    Laurence: Elaine would you like a copy of your call logs ?
    Laurence: To show your credit history being used ?
    xxxxxxx: yes
    xxxxxxx: if you could kindly email it to [email]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/email]
    Laurence: Here I have for you a link to see you can log in and take your time to view this also
    xxxxxxx: one sec
    Laurence: Use your pin and mobile number to log in , this is what exactly I am doing to show you
    xxxxxxx: one sec
    xxxxxxx: what date can you see 4uro applied
    Laurence: 02/03/2014 10:21:00
    xxxxxxx: no credit of 4euro showing for that date
    xxxxxxx: where are you looking exactly
    Laurence: You would not see that , we see this , and you will I hope have a text saying you have this also applied if not it was in the agreement of the offer you opted in to for the % off to issue you with this after you topped up
    xxxxxxx: so what point you showing me what i already know.
    xxxxxxx: you clearly havent calculated what i used and u would see no credit applied
    xxxxxxx: here sherlock listen to this
    xxxxxxx: right if I has a balance of 1euro something before i topped up and I topped you with 20 euro that makes 21 euro plus 20% of 20 euro brings my total balance to 25 euro
    xxxxxxx: if i then used 9.99 on data then that should leave me with just over 15 euro
    xxxxxxx: take into considertaion my bill of about a euro in charges and the 2 ueor creidt applied you can clearly see no 4 euro applied
    Laurence: I assure you it was applied
    Laurence: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    xxxxx: and yes i have a text message saying this, i will happily text it to someone . u clearly not capable of looking into the simplest of things. good luck to you
    Laurence: No problem, thanks for chatting!
    Laurence: Thank you for using our chat service today Exxxxx . We do value your comments & opinions so you may receive a feedback survey via e-mail in the next 72 hours, please take the time to fill this in as this will contribute to improving our service. Also please continue to use our online website to keep up to date with any new promotions or offers we have available for you. Again thank you for chatting and have a nice day.
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