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Transitioning from house ball to owning a ball

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    Do you guys use your own bowling balls (ie a finger tip ball) or do you use the balls supplied by the alley? I was in a league for a while (about 14 years ago) with some mates in stillorgan and most people just used the balls supplied by the alley. I actually have my own ball now, but I got it towards the end of my time in the league and Im now out of practice anyway. Id like to get good at using a proper bowling ball as I feel there is potential for higher scores. (I think the ones supplied by the alley are just plastic anyway) The problem is there is a learning curve and at the moment I actually play better just using standard bowling balls supplied!

    What are your thoughts? How did you find transitioning to a "proper" ball?


  • I played in the last division at the start with house balls but then got my own. Now I've 3 :)

    Transitiong was OK as I was getting coaching from the Maltese national coach.

    Getting your own equipment is great as you get years out of them.

  • Yep, I use my own ball two. I used to have three different balls, an AMF Cobra (urethane spare ball), Ebonite Turbo (strike ball) and a Maxim (polyester backup spare ball). These days I just use a Brunswick Inferno but that's because I'm not bowling often enough (or well enough) to justify having a strike and spare ball combo. The house balls are all polyester, never cleaned and usually damaged so scores should improve with a better ball but only if your technique is good and consistent.

    I use fingertip plugs because it allows a greater handspan and easier momentum for revolutions (therefore greater hook) upon release.

    I found the transition easy enough but then again, I was being coached on a weekly basis and was bowling for the alley house team at the time. I also bowled every single day as I was working as a lane maintenance technician and pinsetter mechanic at the time. :)

    The key is all in the approach. I use a four-step approach to the lane, make sure my pendulum swing is straight and that I release the ball at 6 o'clock on the swing with a rapid uplift of the fingers while the thumb is out of the ball.

  • Call into Barry Brown in Leisureplex Stillorgan. He's just opened his new Pro Shop and it looks fantastic. Things have changed so much around ball drilling, ball surfaces in recent times it's really until someone see you throwing a ball and really what centre you will play in that will determine what equipment to buy.
    One thing is for sure Barry won't see you wrong. I was out with him last week. Very impressed.