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What tablet would be the best option for me?

  • 26-02-2014 7:45pm
    Registered Users Posts: 944 BetterThanThou

    I'd like to buy a tablet, as I'm growing tired of using my desktop PC for everything. I'd like to use it for the likes of Rdio(similar to Spotify), Netflix, internet browsing and Facebook. Not much more else, maybe a few light games. I've got a Huawei Y300, and that's pretty much perfect for everything I want to use it for, bar the small screen. I'd also like for it to be 3g compatible and have the option for a keyboard attachment. I haven't got much money at the moment, so, cheaper is better. It doesn't need to be a well known brand name, just one that's reliable and works well.


  • Registered Users Posts: 539 but43r

    Lenovo Yoga seems to fit the bill well for you. It's an 8" which I find to be the perfect size for a tablet. I would personally go with the iPad Mini but if you're looking for something as cheap as possible then Lenovo Yoga might be a good alternative.
    If that's a bit too expensive than Lenovo S5000 could be a good alternative.
    Both of these are sold by Amazon themselves so if you have any issues they should be resolved fairly quickly. The cheaper tablets are usually sold by third party vendors and it might be difficult to sort out any issues.