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  • 23-02-2014 4:41pm
    Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 388 ✭✭ Atomico

    Hi folks,

    Would be very interested indeed to hear your thoughts on, a new Irish startup / website focused on local Q&A. The vision is to become the destination for local questions and answers, and the plan is to start with Dublin and go from there. Think Craigslist or Yelp for local Q&A.

    Would love to hear your feedback, and it would be fantastic if you could sign up and give it a spin (the idea is to make participation really easy, and it takes less than 30 seconds to sign up).

    Feel free to let me know your thoughts, and please do join in the discussions and / or ask a question of your own!



  • Great name. Best of luck with it.

  • Nice, simple theme. I like the name too.

    It's a site that I'd use daily and I'm looking forward to seeing more cities around Ireland.

    What is your planned revenue model? Advertising?

  • Minimal, I like it.

    Once the number of Qs start to grow it will become a bit unwieldy so the search should go top centre in my opinion, it'll be the main tool to find what I want and needs to be prominent.
    Prefill the search box with something like "I'm looking for..." instead of "Search for", it's a bit more friendly.

    I like the URL You should already now add, etc for all major towns - just to show you intend to grow. A nice friendly page like "We're working on expanding to Cork, please check back soon or leave your e-mail and we'll let you know.

    You can also let the "up-thumbs" be clickable for non-logged in user that might read the site but are not going to register to thank a post.

    Run site through a few accessibility tools, I saw some stuff you can address.

  • Thanks for your thoughts guys! Much appreciated and will take it all into account.

    Re Biko's point on sub-domains for other cities - I considered implementing these from the start, but decided to wait until we are seeing content build up on the Dublin sub-domain first.

    I am looking to gather a small team of 'founding contributors' for the site, who would be rewarded for posting on the site on a regular basis - posting questions and answers and participating in discussions.

    If interested, please feel free to shoot me a PM for further details. This would not be a big commitment and you would be rewarded for your time!

  • Hi guys,

    We are picking up a little bit of steam now (traffic and content-wise), but obviously it takes time! Would love if you wanted to join up and participate in the conversations or even post your own question?

    We will be looking to award one of our top contributors over the coming weeks with a small prize also.

    Appreciate any and all support!

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  • It looks nice, and is something that is unique to Ireland, an Irish version of Yahoo Answers. I wouldn't be surprised if this took off, but promoting it to the critical mass level will be the most difficult part.

    What are your promotion plans?

  • I would allow people to post questions anonymously pending moderation, so many people will bounce when they realise they have to register. Also allow Facebook logins, or make the registration process part of the question submission, so people can register without feeling like they are.