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  • 21-01-2014 11:06pm
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    *****Welcome to the Separation & Divorce Forum*****

    First things first:


    We are not qualified nor permitted to give legal advice on this forum – do not ask for legal advice, please contact a solicitor. Any thread which crosses into legal advice will be locked.

    What We Do

    The Separation and Divorce forum is a place to come and get some civil, mature, constructive and non-judgemental emotional and practical advice and support on the issues and challenges encountered encountered while going through a separation and/or a divorce, perhaps from those going through similar.

    Although some worthwhile advice may be hard to hear, common sense really does apply here; would you make such a comment or statement to a friend or family member going through similar? If you are unsure whether a post or thread is suitable, feel free to contact one of the S&D forum Mods and ask for a second opinion.

    Please note there are also Politics, Humanities, Relationship Issues and Parenting forums which may be more appropriate for your thread.

    Anonymous Posting is enabled on this forum. Please be aware these posts are pre-moderated and so will not appear immediately – be patient.

    What We Don’t Do

    This is not the place for:

    Judging - We assume posters are here because they wish to investigate or proceed with separation/divorce. They should not be judged for reaching that decision, asked to justify their decision nor have the legitimacy of their decision called into question.

    Rants – think carefully before attempting to “name and shame”. Threads that go this route and put posters or Boards at risk of legal action will be deleted.

    Insults/personal abuse/aggression/violence/inflammatory statements – this is a support & advice forum, attempting to get a reaction through petty insults, flaming or crass generalisations are not permitted, nor is advocating violence.

    Trolls – life is too short to waste on trolls; troll threads/posts will be deleted and bans issued.

    Blogging – communication here goes two ways; if a thread is just a running commentary, it will be closed and you will be advised to start a blog.

    Soap-boxing – advice given should be pertinent to the issue/query the OP has posted. Those who regularly derail and disrupt threads in order to push their pet topic/grievance will lose their posting rights to the forum.

    Using this forum instead of communication – threads that are used by two parties to discuss their ongoing separation or divorce will be closed. This forum is for advice/support, it is not a replacement for direct communication between two parties in real life.

    YouTube/Videos - is banned in this forum; links will be deleted and those that post them may be banned.

    Personal Consul - This is an open discussion forum and we have anonymous posting for those who wish it. For your sake and theirs, please do not ask that posters PM you or suggest that they get into private consul with you.

    Recommendations for Lawyers - We cannot give recommendations, any thread asking for recommendations will be locked.

    Separation and divorce can be a long and frustrating process and emotions can run high but we expect posters to be civil, polite and empathetic at all times.

    Posting Protocols/Etiquette

    The usual Boards rules apply - see HERE

    This includes but is not limited to:

    - No text speak - it's horrible to read and against site rules

    - Report posts/posters you think warrant moderator attention using report.gif button – do not back-seat mod or feed trolls

    - No advertising; if you want to advertise seminars, products, your professional services, etc, then contact [email protected] and buy space

    - No polls or requests for help with articles or studies - these will be deleted

    - If you have an issue with a moderator instruction then use PM to query, do not argue or drag a discussion off-topic by responding on-thread. Any issues with moderator actions should be taken to PM or, in the case of formal moderator action, the Dispute Resolution Forum

    Finally, any breaches in the charter will be dealt with by warning, infraction or ban – there will not necessarily be a warning prior to banning and not learning from prior action will result in your posting rights to the forum being revoked permanently.

    Please be aware that this charter cannot cover every eventuality and even if not specifically mentioned, posts and posters that breach the overall purpose and ethos of this forum are still actionable.

    While we appreciate people can be affected by the separation or divorce of those they know and/or are close to, this forum is specifically a place where the parties who are separating or divorcing can get advice and support.

    If you wish discussion or advice regarding divorce and/or separation from a different perspective please look to see if another forum such as Humanities, Politics, Parenting or Personal Issues meets your needs.

    Many thanks.

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