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How to repeat 1 State Examination subject while in 3rd level education?

  • 21-01-2014 4:52pm
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    Hi I'm currently in 3rd level education and once I graduate I'm hoping to go to the UK and start studying veterinary. For the majority of the Uni's out there they look at your JNR cert results and Leaving cert results, even if you have a 1:1 honors degree in a related field of study. Has anyone any idea if it is possible to repeat an exam, without having to go back to school, just study for it yourself? Any info would be great!


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    Absolutely. External candidate applications are open right now on, and may be closing very soon. You simply apply to sit an exam, and attend one of the four given exam centres in June. If you plan on sitting the exam this June, do this promptly.

    Just a note, the site registration is slightly off and isn't open at the moment for whatever reason(s) - open until February 14th.

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    If it is a subject with a practical or portfolio element you will need contact with a teacher who will need to sign off on the practical/project side.