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Producing a CV with LaTeX

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    Knowledgeable LaTeX users,

    I've had a glance through the threads on here and, surprisingly, this doesn't seem to have come up before. As the title suggests, I'm wondering if many of you have used LaTeX to produce a CV/resume and, if so, how did you go about it?

    I've used LaTeX myself in the past for this purpose, but without using a specific package/class, so I've essentially typeset it "manually". I'm wondering now if there's a package that would make my life a little easier and also produce a more professional result. There's a whole range of CV packages on CTAN:

    Anyone got anything good/bad to say about any of them?



  • It's been a while but moderncv I think was very handy. You could alter your CV's style and appearance in a matter of seconds.
    Edit: Also I might be slightly biased here but LaTeX produced CVs just look far better than their Word counterparts.

  • I've used moderncv to good effect. Unfortunately, recruiters in particular have a very bad habit of asking "can I have that in Word format?"

    And yes: LaTeX CVs look much better than Word equivalents. My other half had to bow to pressure and re-do her moderncv in Word (actually, LibreOffice Writer), and it looked pants by comparison.

  • Thanks for the suggestions guys. I've gone with moderncv for now and so far, pleased with the result.

    Now where do I find that little cellphone icon in Word....