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Best Graphics Card&PSU For my PC

  • 01-01-2014 11:48pm
    Registered Users Posts: 375 ✭✭ unknownlegend

    I have a Dell Inspiron 660s, right now I run a 220watt PSU, i3-3rd Gen, 8GB of Ram with a Nvidia Geforce GT 620, I want to upgrade my PC to the most powerful graphics card it can handle, but I don't know which one that is, I would like to stay with Nvidia as I know the company better but I don't mind trying different types, my budget is around 200 Euro, Graphics card I was looking at was the Nvidia GTX 660 Ti Boost, and it's a card I would like to get, but I don't think my PSU can take it. So what's also the best PSU I can get for my PC?

    PC Specs


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    it will be cheaper for you to just replace it to be honest. it's sff so cannot easily change the psu (if at all possible) and with 220W total there's no chance to run 660 with it as it takes upto 150W alone

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 970 yawhat!

    Unfortunatly Dell PCs are not gaming PCS. Have a look at the pc building and upgrade forum. Even Alienwares are overpriced pieces of crap.

    Your power supply will need to be replaced

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    agree with the lads here , that pc is really not upgradeable . there is no way that power supply could handle anything more . your better off looking at a new build . you may be able to re use some of the old parts to save money if ya wanted to to save money