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Error message on DSI Xl with R4i 3DS

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    Updated the firmware etc on the R4I 3DS and it worked fine for about 10 minutes. Then the next time I switched the console on and entered into the r4 I got this error message. Help is much appreciated.


  • Check your SDHC card, possibly going as far to formatting it with the Panasonic formatter and starting from scratch.

  • yep, replaced the new firmware and kernel with the latest one. worked a treat!
    odd question but, I read there is a ban on the R4 card in the UK.
    I am going there soon for a few weeks. Can a bring my own R4 with me over there?

  • We can't be providing legal advice here on Boards but what I can tell you is from news articles from that time indicate that the High Court in the UK banned the import, advertising and selling of R4 cards. You won't be doing any of the 3 things so I reckon you'll be all right. It wouldn't stop me taking an R4 with me if I was visiting the UK and I wouldn't be in fear of getting pulled by customs :)

  • I understand. Yes it's just one card my own that's it and my dsi.
    So that's ok to do going through Heathrow airport? :-) Second time abroad! Lol

  • Of course, they won't be checking you in that level of detail - you'll have no bother at all

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