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Welfare Report 2013 > Quick Recap, Mixes, Gigs and a Lost Dub

  • 27-12-2013 12:51am
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    The Welfare Report 2013

    >> Quick Recap, Mixes, Gigs and a Lost Dub <<

    Another stellar year was had for electronic music on our little island in 2013..

    Crews who particularly impressed me in 2013 were (in no particular order and not limited to) Macronite, DSNT, Red Social Club, Bap to the Future and the Energy Collective. Also fantastic to see the mighty Rootical Sound System firing once again and the Revelation Crew upping the ante down south.

    Some domestic producers that really came up with the goods this year included Eomac and Lakker, Major Grave, Richie !Kaboogie, Lion FX, Ventolyn and Becotyde and of course Boxcutter ,whose Host alias melted parameters and minds alike as well as bringing the house down at Basswax (Galway) in March.

    Irish DJs that did likewise included Undadog (at Jungle Boogie), Niki (at the Lough Weekend) Lion FX at the Community Skratch Games, Dr Fiasco with his Jazz selections at Bodega Cork and a chap named Jasper (who I believe goes by the name Samurai Whack who I recently witnessed playing a non-stop, seamless and eclectic 12 hour set!

    A Lost Dub
    This is the first and final version of my Dubhoppin' rework of "Jah fights for the righteous people" - Alas the file is now lost and thus this is as far as this track will ever go. I still dig listening to it though and thought I'd share it around.

    < Original Credits >
    Dub Doctor on original production
    Toluking on Vocals
    Geoff Ward on Sax

    Myself and Destitute's Upgraded SubVersion Sound System (minus one Bassbin)


    Managed to record a few more mixes than usual this year, across a broad musical spectrum.

    Halftime DnB/Footwork/Beats/Get Busy (w Noid the Droid)

    Old School Jungle
    Rollin' -
    Ruffneck -

    Dub Techno
    Live w dBridge -
    Studio Mix -



    Dubstep (04-08)

    2013 Gigs

    Busy year in 2013, catch me at the dates below in January 2014 >>

    [img] collage.jpg[/img]

    Upcoming Gigs
    Dec 31 - @ Poster Fish w Mecca/Exec Ste/Sho
    Jan 11 - @ Get Busy #2 w special UK guest (Exit Records)
    Jan 12 - @ Seisiun Dub
    Jan 17 - @ Bap to the Future
    Jan 31 - @ Sub w Ben LFO